Up From Incarceration

Volume 1: Dispelling Myths of the Thug Life
Up From Incarceration book cover

When a young man grows up with advantages – a good home, good parents, and educational opportunities – the last thing one would expect him to do is to embrace the thug life. That’s exactly what Dr. Anthony Dixon did. During his years as a student at Florida A&M University, he straddled two worlds: the world of academia and the world of the streets. The streets would eventually lead him to a place he didn’t want to be.

Dixon went straight from obtaining a university degree to state prison, where he spent five-and-a-half years examining his life. And what faith and introspection taught him, took him all the way to the hallowed halls of Indiana University – where he earned a Ph.D.

Written in a gritty, compelling voice, this cautionary tale boldly crosses class lines, appealing to teens and adults alike. His story will change the way you think about the life choices you make.


Amazon Customer Review:

I originally reviewed this book last year, and I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the author has had the cover redone. This book is great for any genre. The author gives the reader an insight into his life, and the many trials and tribulations that he had to overcome to get where he is in life today.

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Amazon Customer Review:

Excellent reading material for all age levels. It is a straightforward book. The author shares his true life experiences before being incarcerated as well as being incarcerated. I liked that Dr. Dixon did not blame society for his mistakes in life. This book is a true example about a person who felt down but got back up. I highly recommend “Up From Incarceration” to parents and young men who are struggling to understand the challenges of being an adolescent in today’s society.

Deloris Walker

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