Introduction to AHRA, LLC

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Archival and Historical Research Associates, LLC is a start up venture, registered in 2009 as a Florida Limited Liability Company. Its managing members are the President – Anthony E. Dixon, Ph.D. and the Vice President – Marcia Anderson.

The catalyst for the formation of AHRA derived from the founders’ collective passion to work with small businesses and cultural entities. Through their years of experience, they have identified a need AHRA will serve which is a requirement of research, exhibit information (in the case of museums), and archival services.

AHRA will enable small businesses, cultural entities, and people in general to manage their business in a more productive and efficient manner through a greater ability to organize themselves. AHRA will become a leader in bridging the gap between academic history and public history by providing entities (such as museums, law firms, and historical societies) with solid historical or legal research that will enable them to utilize information in a more practical manner.

As the world becomes more of a global society, social memory becomes increasingly pertinent to understanding a multicultural world. As humans trod forward in their progress toward cultural understanding, both history and information science increase in importance. The documentation of progression becomes a necessary tool for future development. We intend to address the needs of people who seek out ways to:

  • Organize themselves
  • Research previous trends in order to progress
  • Interpret the world we live in

Distinguishing characteristics of AHRA include professional service, synthesis of relative information, and thoroughness of research.

The success of AHRA lies in its high standards of professional service. AHRA’s clients clearly see the positive outcomes of organizing their documents in a manner that increases productivity and the positive outcomes of receiving thorough research materials.

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